The buffet will be open during the conference selling coffee, tea, cold drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

There is a possibility to order hot meals, too. Menu A is regular, Menu B is vegetarian, and Menu C contains no soup.

These meals must be ordered before arrival till 30th September, the latest.

You need to pay for the meals at registration when you will get your meal vouchers.

You can order your meals by filling in the electronic form you received from our office.



  • Menu A - 1300 Fts 

 French onion soup with toast, Turkey Kiev style with parsley potatoes

 Francia hagymaleves, pirítós, Kijevi pulykamell petr. burgonya

  • Menu B - 1300 Fts

 French onion soup with toast, Breaded cheese with rice and sauce

 Francia hagymaleves, Rántott sajt, jázmin rizs, tartár

  • Menu C - 800 Fts

 Cabbage lasagna / Rakott kelkáposzta



  • Menu A - 1300 Fts

 Mushroom soup with sour cream, Chicken Greek style, rice and peas

 Tejfeles gombaleves, Görög csirke rizibizi

  • Menu B - 1300 Fts

 Mock goulash soup (no meat), Spaghetti with cream, mushroom and parmesan cheese

 Hamis gulyásleves, Tejszínes gombás spagetti parmezánnal

  • Menu C - 800 Fts

 Chicken ragout with honey and mustard sauce, rice

 Mézes mustáros csirkeragu párolt rizzsel



  • Menu A - 1300 Fts

 Spring vegetable soup, Grilled chicken with tomato and mozarella, rice and peas

 Tavaszi zöldségleves, Paradicsommal mozarellával grill csirke, rizibizi

  • Menu B - 1300 Fts

 Greek fruit soup, Brussel sprout with millet and fried sesame seeds

 Görög gyümölcsleves, Kelbimbó köles takaróban pirított szezámmal

  • Menu C - 800 Fts

 Meaty pancakes form Hortobágy

 Hortobágyi húsos palacsinta



  • Menu A - 1300 Fts

 Chicken ragout soup with tarragon, Lasagne

 Tárkonyos csirkeragu leves, Lasagne

  • Menu B - 1300 Fts

 Cold sour cherry soup, Potato dumplings with sheep cottage cheese, cucumber salad

 Hideg meggyleves, Juhtúrós sztrapacska, uborka saláta

  • Menu C - 800 Fts

 French potato casserole / Francia rakott krumpli