Moldovan English Teaching Association (META) Conference 2018


for the International Conference for English teachers of the Moldovan English Teaching Association (META): TEACHING ENGLISH FOR LIFE ACROSS THE CURRICULUM, in Chisinau, Moldova on the 8-9 May, 2017.
We are happy to invite Enthusiastic Speakers from all over the world who will:

  • Share their ideas how to combine different subjects during English lessons and how it is possible to team-teach with another teacher;
  • Explore hands-on multidiciplinary  activities  that enhance various skills in learners and turn them into lifelong learners;
  • Prove that students may learn in an exciting way and improve their performance level through  interdisciplinary education;
  • Demonstrate how learning/teaching a foreign language nowadays is different and pinpoint directions for success in personal and professional life.

I do believe that your contribution to the event can make it memorable and useful for practicing English teachers and teachers-to-be. If you are interested to present, please, complete this form. If you know somebody who might be interested, feel free to share this event. (More info can be found in the form.)
Speakers are exempted from participation fee, but are responsible to cover their travel and accommodation expenses (at least partly, due to our limited budget).
DEADLINE for speakers' application:
early bird registration - December 25, 2017
late bird registration - March 20, 2018.