Creative Cafè Budapest Poetry and stories

The December Creative Café Budapest will be a special event with Alan Maley and Andrew Wright, with a special venue: ELTE Department of English Applied Linguistics, 4th floor 'zsibongó' at Rákóczi út 5., Budapest, 1088.


Poetry and stories

Music teachers often play an instrument or sing in a choir. Art teachers paint. We are language teachers and we write poetry and stories. We both write our poetry and stories in response to our daily experiences and with our companion – language - whose company we love. We hope you will enjoy what we have written and will feel encouraged to write your own poetry and stories if you are not doing so already.

Alan Maley lives near Canterbury. UK.

Alan has written some classic books, ‘Drama Techniques in Language Learning’ and ‘Inward Ear’ both for CUP are some of the earliest examples. Very recently he has co-edited (with Nik Peachey) two major new publications for the British Council. Creativity in the English language classroom (2015) and Integrating global issues in the creative English classroom (2017). Alan has worked for the British Council in many countries and was the first English Language Officer in China.

Andrew Wright lives in Godollo.

Andrew has published a number of resource books for teachers. Perhaps the best known are ‘Five Minute Activities’ with CUP and ‘Storytelling with Children’ with OUP. Andrew has worked with teachers and students in 55 countries. Most recently Andrew’s collection of short stories, ‘Beggar in Bogota’ has been translated into Russian by the Boris Pasternak Museum in Moscow.