Researchers' mini conference 2017

The annual researchers' mini conference, part of the 27th annual IATEFL-Hungary conference is taking place on 6th October 2017  in Budapest, at Budapest Business School (22-24 Diósy Lajos Street, Budapest 1165) between 10 a.m. and 1:15 p.m..


Opening plenary talk

          Éva Illés - An unbridgeable gap? Teachers and researchers in education          

10:45-11:00                                                          Break                                                          


Slot A/1

Melinda Mikusová

Homeschooling as an Educational Alternative in Hungary in the 21st century

Spencer Salas

Problematizing deficit representations of in-service teachers

11:30-12:00 Slot A/2

Sándor Hetesi

Language and music aptitude: A multiple case study

Reyhan Yildiz

A qualitative inquiry on fluctuation of Turkish EFL teacher trainees’ WTC: gender differences

12:00-12:15                                                             Break                                                          
12:15-12:45 Slot B/1

Zsófia Lengyel

Anagram based written word recognition test

Viola Kremzer

How to evaluate meaningfully?

12:45-13:15 Slot B/2

Hama Karim Barzan

A Case Study of a Kurdish University Teacher's Perceptions on the Use of ICT in EFL Classroom

László Németh

How Do University-Aged Students Perceive Native English-Speaker Teachers Today?

Living in the present takes a special skill. For decades teachers have been told to look to the future and leave the past behind. But as teachers of English we have a unique opportunity to exploit the possibilities of the now in our classrooms. By looking at the world around us and the people we are sharing this moment with, we can open up a valuable and stimulating learning resource. How can we use the power of now most effectively? What does now mean to our students and to us? Is now more important than yesterday or tomorrow? Help us find some answers to these questions at our 27th conference.