The Power of Now – Teaching and Learning in the Present


The Power of Now -

Teaching and Learning in the Present

Living in the present takes a special skill. For decades teachers have been told to look to the future and leave the past behind. But as teachers of English we have a unique opportunity to exploit the possibilities of the "now" in our classrooms. By looking at the world around us and the people we are sharing this moment with, we can open up a valuable and stimulating learning resource. How can we use the power of "now" most effectively? What does "now" mean to our students and to us? Is "now" more important than yesterday or tomorrow?

Help us find some answers to these questions in our 27th conference in Budapest, 6th-8th October 2017.

Host a Teacher

Do you like having guests at your place? Are you happy to spend some extra time with a fellow ELT teacher from the countryside or abroad during the 27th IATEFL-Hungary conference? If so, why don't you take part in our Host a Teacher programme? In order to apply as a host, please send us an email.

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