Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that IATEFL-Hungary (Angoltanárok Nemzetközi Egyesülete – Magyarország) and Akadémiai Kiadó has launched the 4th ORSZÁGH LÁSZLÓ SCHOLARSHIP (2016). The aim of this professional scholarship programme, which is funded by Akadémiai Kiadó, is to promote quality language teaching, to provide teacher of English with professional opportunities to develop, furthermore to support those who would like to actively take part in shaping the Hungarian educational system and to become a member of a proficient collegial community.


The content of the scholarship

Send in a maximum of three independent ideas with the following title: “DICTIONARY USE IN LANGUAGE TEACHING”

Authentic, well-prepared task descriptions are expected that can be used in-class or assigned as homework for students of English as a foreign language. Not more than 500 words for each idea in English can be accepted and one applicant is allowed to submit a maximum of three ideas.

The task should be practical and connected to vocabulary and the use of an online or printed dictionary which is supported by a free access to the internet-based dictionary of Akadémiai Kiadó for the time of the scholarship project. Evaluation will be based on how creative, inspiring, unique, and practical an idea is; moreover, the region and the teaching environment of the applicant may also be taken into consideration, along with their participation at earlier IATEFL-Hungary conferences. However, the latter are not requirements of the application.

The evaluation will be done by the announcers of the scholarship; there is no possibility for objection.

Note: Plagiarism is against the law and will lead to disqualification and legal actions.

In order to apply one must describe the task in detail in English (max. 500 words) and give the following information:

-        title of the task

-        aim of the task

-        ideal age for the task

-        ideal number of students

-        possible uses

-        estimated time

-        necessary preparations

-        materials needed


The language of the scholarship: English

The award

The scholarship is funded by the Akadémiai Kiadó and is offered to five English teachers who teach in Hungary.

The award consists of

-        a year’s IATEFL-Hungary membership

-        registration for the 26th annual IATEFL-Hungary Annual Conference from 7th to 9th October, 2016 in Kaposvár

-        a maximum of two nights’ accommodation

-        travel costs to the venue of the conference and back


To qualify you must

-        teach English in Hungary

Those who work out of the capital or in disadvantageous circumstances may be favoured; furthermore, those who have never attended any IATEFL-Hungary annual conferences may be preferred BUT these aspects are not requirements of the application and are only possible factors of the evaluation.

-        automatically agree upon application that the sent-in ideas can be used and published online or in printed form with their names, assigning the right of use to the announcers of the Országh László Scholarship, namely to IATEFL-Hungary and Akadémiai Kiadó

-        automatically agree upon application that your name and contact data will be added to the mailing list of Akadémiai Kiadó and IATEFL-Hungary

-        automatically agree upon application that your sent-in ideas can be used and applied publicly, e.g., at future competitions, professional events or workshops.

-        automatically agree upon application that you will write an article about the conference participation and the Országh László scholarship programme

-        automatically agree upon application that you will become involved in the work of IATEFL-Hungary and locally take part in our work, e.g., in your own schools.



Submission date:

20th September 2016, midnight CET

Announcement of results:

30th September 2016


The organizing committee of the Országh László Scholarship is wishing you all the bests and hope to see you in Budapest!