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Glasgow Online

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Not being able to travel to a conference doesn’t mean you can’t take part in it. Join our enthusiastic team on an incredible journey through the world of online professional development and get the chance to gain 5 credit points by participating in two free face-to-face teacher development workshops organised by IATEFL-Hungary and the British Council.

What’s Glasgow Online?


Teachers of English from all over the world will meet to discuss what's new in English language teaching at the 46th IATEFL conference in Glasgow, Scotland between 19 and 23 March 2012. The British Council is again teaming up with IATEFL to give you an opportunity to follow this inspiring conference from the comfort of your home: visit the Glasgow Online website, watch live sessions, video interviews and join the debate.

How to benefit more?

Participate in our free workshops before or/and after the Glasgow conference to find out how you can make the most of the Glasgow Online website; increase your confidence in using other online and mobile professional development tools; share tips and ideas to use ICT tools in your classroom and get a taste of Scottish culture… well, quite literally.

How to join us?




Date: Monday 19 March 2012, 15.00 to 17.30

Venue: II. Rákóczi Ferenc Gimnázium, Budapest

Register by March 18

·   Familiarise yourself with the Glasgow Online website and get ready for online participation

·   Get hands-on practice in using mobile devices for professional development including iPads and flipcams

·   Learn about online professional development tools including Twitter, Facebook and personal learning networks



·   Anna Csíky

·   Nóra Tartsay

·   Barbara Bujtás



19 to 24 March 2012

Glasgow Online website:

·   Get involved in the Glasgow conference virtually

·   Watch presentations and workshops by leading ELT experts online

·   Read blog posts and talk to Hungarian professionals attending the conference

·   Join chat and forum discussions with teachers from all over the world

·   Expand your Personal Learning Network

Facilitated by Nóra Tartsay and everyone wishing to contribute.



Date: Saturday 24 March 2012, 16.00 to 19.00

Venue: Grund, Budapest

Register by March 20


·   Reflect on most inspiring conference talks and happenings

·   Reflect on your own Glasgow Online journey and online learning experience

·   Share ideas on how to integrate ICT tools in your classroom

·   Enjoy Scottish drinks and snacks and have fun in the Scottish way

·   Win valuable prizes at the raffle


·   Csíky Anna

·   Hamish Buchan

·   Lindner Zsuzsa

·   Tartsay Nóra

·   Kelemen Ferenc

Please note that you can register for any of the face-to-face events (i.e. Pre-workshop and After Party). However, you will only receive 5 credit points if you register for both events.