INSPIRED - The Pleasure of Learning and Teaching

The organizing committee of the 22nd Annual IATEFL-Hungary Conference cordially invites the members of IATEFL-Hungary and all English teachers around the world to take part in their annual conference on 5-7 October 2012, in Building ‘B’ of Eszterházy Károly Főiskola, in Eger.

In an age when everything has to be entertaining, teachers are expected to be a source of inspiration for their students.  Teachers who feel themselves inspired will invest more in their teaching, even when conditions are far from ideal. But what inspires teachers in times when the general atmosphere in education is not inspiring? How can we stay positive and charismatic without giving in or giving up?  How can we enliven our lessons and become energy sources?  What are the strategies that keep you inspired and positive?This conference aims to share, collect and multiply the positive energy, personal experiences, prompts and sparkles that we can get from each other. This way we can take all this positive energy back to our classrooms.

At the conference, you will hear presentations in the following fields:

  • - intercultural communication, multicultural challenges 
  • - information and communication technology
  • - special needs education
  • - lifelong learning
  • - language education related research
  • - the methodology of TEFL and ESP
  • - curriculum, syllabus and materials design
  • - teacher education (pre- and in-service) and professional development


If you are interested in the topic of the conference and would like to meet your colleagues at a relaxed and professionally refreshing event, please register for the event.

Register as a participant online or download the Participant Registration Sheet.


Group Discounts


We are happy to inform you that just like last year we are offering group discounts to schools and institutions.
All primary and secondary schools and universities that register 2 colleagues can send another colleague for free.
All language schools and other institutions that register 3 colleagues can send another colleague for free.
If you would like to use the discount register on this online form.

WINNERS of the Free conference participation!

Based on the decision of our members at the 2011 Annual General Meeting we were looking for Hungarian teachers of English who are currently not members of IATEFL-Hungary but would like to attend our conference in October. 

In accordance with members' suggestions from the Creative Café this January, five non-members have been selected  to participate in the conference free of charge. What is more, they could each team up with a current member of IATEFL-Hungary and this way five members can come to the conference for free as well.

The winners are:

Surányi Zsófia

Bagyarik Éva

J.Tóth Judit

Lutring Maggie

Bruzsa Rita

Bereczki Enikő

Palotás Ilona

Eggendorfer Noémi

Tari Erika

dr. Veresné dr. Valentinyi Klára





4 plenary talks, ~50 workshops and talks, presenters' exhibiton, social events and networking

from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon

 Early bird fee (before June 30th)After June 30thOn-site registration
Registration fees for participants  and speakers - members of IATEFL Hungary

9000 Ft

(EUR 31)

11000 Ft

(EUR 38)

13000 Ft

(EUR 45)

Registration fees for participants and speakers -

non-members of IATEFL Hungary

18000 Ft

(EUR 62)

22000 Ft

(EUR 75)

26000 Ft

(EUR 89)

Registration fees for student and retired members of IATEFL Hungary

6000 Ft

(EUR 21)

8000 Ft

(EUR 25)


(EUR 35)