Loyalty scheme

Loyalty Scheme


Our aim is always to welcome more members, so that more and more colleagues can enjoy the benefits of the association. However, it is even more important for us to keep our current members content, therefore we are introducing a Loyalty Scheme. The fee for new members is HUF 4,900, however the fee for renewing your membership is lowered to HUF 3,500


A 5-year period of membership reduces 500 HUF from the amount you need to pay as membership fee. We are counting the years from the day you are next renewing your membership. Let's take the example of Ms. Horváth, who becomes a member in May 2011 for 4,900 HUF. In May 2011 we will write number 1 next to her name in our database. In May 2012 when she renews her membership, she will only pay 3,500 HUF  (according to our new policy mentioned above) and we will write number 2 in our database, as that will be her second year. In 2015 she will have been our member for 5 years, so from the following year - according to the loyalty scheme- her fee will be only HUF 3,000.


If you would you like to speed up this process, all you need to do is introduce IATEFL-Hungary to a colleague of yours and convince them to become a member of the association. If they do, we will immediately 'give you a year' and take you closer to a lower membership fee. If you convince 5 colleagues at the same time, we will add 5 'years" and give you a 500 HUF discount immediately.


Please note that

•    the HUF 500 reduction will always be calculated taking the current membership fees in consideration
•    there will be a question on the registration form about where they heard about the association. The name of the member who convinced them to join will have to be written there