Committee Members

Committee members - 2021

Barbara K. Horváth - President

I graduated from Kodolányi János University as a teacher of English Language and Literature and a Communication Specialist. Then I went on to study for a postgraduate degree in Assessment of Reading Comprehension at the University of Szeged and completed my MA at the University of Pannonia. Now I am a PhD student in the English Language Pedagogy Program at Eötvös Loránd University.

Apart from being a teacher, I am an enthusiastic learner, too. I think a good teacher never stops learning. I always look for opportunities to refresh and update my knowledge and skills. I have taken part in a lot of training courses and I have felt honored many times representing our association at conferences in Hungary and abroad. I am proud of being an alumna of the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US Embassy, and also proud of all those projects we organized with the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy. I also make a point of studying and carrying out research on multicultural issues, such as diversity, segregation and integration, and then implementing the best practices in the English language classroom in order to foster tolerance among my students.

This year I have worked on the application and documentation of our summer course for next year. I am very happy to announce that we have won more than 17 thousand dollars for a 4-day course focusing on critical thinking and media literacy that we can hopefully organize by Lake Balaton in July 2021 after the pandemic is over. In order to get the grant, I also had to update our SAM database at the US Embassy and our NCAGE database at the Ministry of Defence which took me quite a lot of time and energy. 

My aim for the next year is to find and apply for grants in order to provide more CPD opportunities for our members. 


László Németh - Vice-president

Hello Everyone!

My name's László Németh, but feel free to call me Laci.

I work as full-time English teacher at the Dual Language School of Balatonalmádi and as part-time lecturer at the University of Pannonia. In addition, I am a contracted materials writer and educational content specialist at BOOKR Kids, a Budapest-based edutainment company. Currently pursuing PhD studies, I have thus far obtained a BA and a Master's degree in English Studies, and an MEd in TEFL.

My involvement with IATEFL-Hungary as International and Publications  Coordinator has comprised of responsibilities such as editing the newsletter, designing conference brochures and other marketing materials, keeping in touch with partners, as well as organising online and offline CPD events, in part as head organiser at the Veszprém Creative Café branch.

In my free time, I love to seize opportunities that help me broaden my horizons. I am a firm believer of lifelong learning and always keen on looking at things from various (new) perspectives.

Regarding my research interests, the list includes but is not certainly not limited to the following: 21st-century skills, authenticity in the classroom, CLIL, and using technology in the classroom.

Thank you for supporting IATEFL-Hungary, and I cannot wait to see you at our future events!


Claudia Molnár

I was born and raised in North London and moved to Hungary, with my two children, in 2007. I did my initial CELTA training in 1998 and have been teaching EFL/ESOL since then. I went on to study for DELTA, PGCE and a Master’s in Education (TESOL). I have just completed a PHD in Multilingualism through instruction with the main area of my research being developing confidence and learner autonomy in a teacher training context.

From 1998 to 2007 I taught EFL/ESOL in a North London FE college. This included ESP for a variety of subjects while working with asylum seekers preparing to further their education or join the job market. I also taught on the Certificate of Education as a teacher trainer and acted as a quality manager, carrying out lesson observations and running staff development sessions. One of the roles I particularly enjoyed was my role as student support coordinator, which gave me a real insight into the needs and problems of students and how they can be supported through the learning process.

Since moving to Hungary I spent five years teaching in a secondary grammar school and I am currently head of English language pedagogy and a teacher trainer for the English and American studies Institute at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém. 

I have been on the committee since October 2016 in the roles of International Coordinator and (joint) regional branch coordinator.

I look forward to seeing you at our various events throughout the year! :)


Jani_picJános Ujlaki

I have been teaching both English and Mathematics since 2010. I have worked in various types of secondary schools (grammar school, vocational, technical and private), and I have also been teaching in bilingual education. I have also been involved in various projects, from Erasmus to material writing. Besides teaching, I am interested in training and professional development. I attend conferences and other CPD events as I find it important and necessary to keep up with the latest trends in language teaching. 

I joined the committee in 2018 and since then I have been the exhibitors coordinator and I am also in charge of coordinating the Creative Cafés.  I also take part in organising our events, and I have also represented the association in other conferences.

Unfortunately, 2020 hasn't been an active year for the association, but I hope as soon as the pandemic is over, we'll get back on track. I will try my best to maintain the association and organise CPD events for our members. I will also try to get in touch with possible sponsors to make our events worth visiting.

Committee members in 2020

Claudia Molnár - President


Barbara K. Horváth - Vice-President


Gergő Fekete - Marketing coordinator


Judit J. Tóth - Website administrator


László Németh - Publications coordinator, international coordinator


János Ujlaki - Creative Café coordinator


Committee members in 2019

Gergő Fekete


Judit J. Tóth - Vice-President


Barbara K. Horváth


Claudia Molnár - President


László Németh


János Ujlaki


Committee members in 2018

Roberta Illés


Judit J. Tóth


Barbara K. Horváth


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